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After a short break Retinascan has decided to use this page as a beehive of sounds, that our artists and listeners like to hear. If everything works out well, you will in a while find a big audiotheque of sounds here, catalogised by the friendly members of Retinascan, nurtured by visitors and authors.
No matter if it is a bass, a pad, a drumloop or a single drumsound, a click or a trumpet hook you lost your love on, tell us and let the community participate in your relationship.

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Already uploaded sounds:

  • Blondreblondes
    A circular saw, running while the workers are having breakfast
    sent in by: siemers
  • Beatbox Boomchah Style
    yes, exactly that
    sent in by: Michael Van Vleet
  • DanC
    microloop.txt for a party lowfi
    sent in by: atonal01
  • Domdor
    a sound .... ??? ??? ''''' '''' ".".". ) ) ) ^^^^ ????????????????
    sent in by: Anael Honings
  • Einsound
    A sound is a sound is a sound is a sound
    sent in by: albrecht/d.
  • HDD pad
    an old harddisk drive generating a high pad sound
    sent in by: mik@
  • Loysaskitta
    SUBJECT: guitar tape loop
    COMMENTS: if you manage to make a decent sounding beat to this loop , i shall give you applause
    sent in by: toiminto
  • Loysadrums
    I guess toiminto meant something like this but it's not for sure. 6 bar loop
    sent in by: store
  • Oddrhythm
    to be honest, there isn't any rhythm in "Odd Rhythm" and that may be what is odd in it
    sent in by: machinist
  • Pausenzeichen
    If you hear this, you can be sure it's time to have a break. to be used as signaltone on your system
    sent in by: albrecht/d.
  • Petit Loop
    Our french connection is in delay.
    sent in by: siemers
  • Radioloop
    radio glitch power
    sent in by: bad comfort
  • Ramonduul
    a heavy machine loop. my car does not work.
    sent in by: siemers
  • Ripping
    ripping your zipper, don't really know why brian loves this one...
    sent in by: machinist
  • Roach Bla
    This sound reminds me of old B science fiction flicks. See Dr. Zorc disappear in a cloud of light...
    sent in by: the almighty blob
  • Rotwang's Lab
    Processed guitar sounds, it reminds me of the scenes of Rotwang working in his laboratory in Fritz Lang's "Metropolis".
    sent in by: Andy Preston
  • Sloppy Break
    "I want you to rename 'Ah yea Break' to 'Sloppy Break' cause that's what is is"
    sent in by: machinist
  • Tape Feedback
    a plugin is a plugin is a plugin
    sent in by: the almighty blob
  • Tribal Jim
    The sound of a dear friend jim, trapped in a SpiralLoop. He was a good lad.
    sent in by: nebogeo